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Where to Find Me

As the hellsite that is the birdplace continues to do… whatever the hell it’s doing, here’s where you can find me:

Twitter (still, for now): @falconesse
Instagram: laurenmroy

I’ve also snagged the falconesse name over at cohost and Hive, though I only have so many braincells for social media sites right now. But if you’re there, yes, those are both me.

You can also find the jewelry I make over at, though we’re about to close for the remainder of 2022. (But hey, if it’s before 9pm Eastern on 12/18/2022, we’re 30% off! Check us out!)

I’ll update this accordingly if new sites crop up or some other weird thing happens, because Jesus Christ, this timeline.

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Dublin 2019 WorldCon Schedule

Oh, look, it’s a WorldCon schedule!

Saturday August 17th, 9pm
CCD – Wicklow Hall 1
Sam Hawke (m), Ali Baker, Julie C. Day, Devin Madson, Lauren Roy

Very often SFF stories centre on young women, with older female characters being consigned to background dressing at best and cliched depictions of elders and antagonists at worst. Is anyone writing stories that focus on older women? Where are the middle-aged heroines?

Monday August 19th, 12pm
CCD – Wicklow Room 1
Russell Blackford (m), Dr Máire Brophy, Lauren Roy, Paul Anthony Shortt

Villains come in many different guises. Characters like Marvel’s Thanos do terrible things for what they believe to be good reasons, whereas The Other Mother from Coraline is alien and terrifying. Do certain genres lend themselves to different types of villainy? Are villainous women held to a different standard than their male counterparts?

I hope to see you there!

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