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Night Owls Series:

Night Owls cover

Grave Matters

Night Owls
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Grave Matters
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YA Novels

The Fire Children

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Exalted: False Images

Exalted: False Images with Aaron Rosenberg
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“Pomegranate”flashquake, vol. 9, issue 3, spring 2010
“Apex”Podcastle Miniature, December 13, 2010
“Along the Portal Road”Explorers: Beyond the Horizon, Justin R. Macumber, Terry Mixon, Ellyana Kaiser, editors, July 2012
“Ex Astris”Fireside Magazine, January 2014
“The Eleventh Hour” – Fireside Magazine, July 2015
“Trinkets” – The Primordial Feast: An Anthology for Beast, The Primordial, Matthew McFarland, editor, April 2016
“In Memoriam: Lady Fantastic” – Fireside Magazine, August 2016


Across the Eight Directions (Exalted 3e), Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Adversaries of the Righteous (Exalted 3e), Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Arms of the Chosen (Exalted 3e),
Onyx Path Publishing
Changeling: The Lost, 2nd Edition
Onyx Path Publishing
Changeling: The Lost: Kith and Kin, Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
The Contagion Chronicle, Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Dark Eras 2, Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Deviant: The Renegades, Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Dragon Age Roleplaying Set 3, Dragon Age Roleplaying, Green Ronin
Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought (Exalted 3e), Onyx Path Publishing
Dragon’s Hoard, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, Green Ronin
Eternal Lies, alternate endingTrail of Cthulhu, Pelgrane Press
Heirs to the Shogunate (Exalted 3e), Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Hundred Devils Night Parade (Exalted 3e), Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Lunars: Fangs at the Gate (Exalted 3e), Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Mythos Expeditions, Trail of Cthulhu, Pelgrane Press
Out of the Woods,
 Trail of CthulhuPelgrane Press
M20: Victorian Mage, Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Mage: The Awakening, 2nd Edition, Onyx Path Publishing
Monarchies of Mau, Onyx Path Publishing
Mummy: The Curse 2nd edition, Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Night Horrors: Nameless and Accursed (Mage: The Awakening 2nd edition), Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero, 2nd Editions, Onyx Path Publishing
Scion: Demigod, Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Signs of Sorcery (Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition), Onyx Path Publishing
“The Hollow”, Storium
Trinity Continuum (Core Rulebook), Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Vampire: Dark Ages 20th Anniversary EditionOnyx Path Publishing
Vampire: The Masquerade: Chicago By Night 3rd edition, Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
V5 Chicago By Night: Let the Streets Run Red, Onyx Path Publishing (forthcoming)
Vampire: The Requiem: Guide to the Night, Onyx Path Publishing
Vampire: The Requiem: A Thousand Years of NightOnyx Path Publishing

9 Responses to My Works

  1. Christa Hill

    Love your Night Owls Series, will there be more to come in the series?

  2. Jessica Stirrett

    Hi Ms. Roy!
    I am in the middle of reading “Grave Matters” right now. I just read the lines at the end of chapter 11, the ones that said: “Can you help me fins a book?” she asked. “I saw it here last week but I forget the title. It had a blue cover?”
    I would just like to say that I don’t there have been any truer lines ever written in any book- ever. I worked at Barnes & Noble for over 6 years, and I can not begin to count the number of times that I had requests like that. The books were usually either blue or yellow, and they were big or small, or they were on that table over there or in the window… What was funny was that I was usually able to find the exact book they were (loosely) describing. That spot in your book made me laugh out loud, and I just had to let you know how much it resonated within me. I appreciate your work, and I look forward to reading more! Now, back to “Grave Matters!”

    Jessica Stirrett

    PS: I tried to find your facebook page so that I could share on there, but the “Follow me” link is not working. Thank you!

  3. Lauren

    Thank you, Christa and Jessica!

    I think the blue cover is one of those universal bookselling jokes. There was a bookstore who made a display of blue covers, which was hilarious. 🙂

    Book 3 is tentatively titled Dead Letters but doesn’t have a release date at the moment. Ace has declined to continue the series (boo!) but my crew of smartasses have more trouble to get themselves into, so I’m still looking at options. I’ll holler when there’s news!

    I’ll take a look at the Facebook link – there’s not much on the page right now. I’m more active on twitter, where you can find me as @falconesse if you’re on there.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Terry W

    I do not read well, so when I find a book that grabs me and keeps me reading I look for another. I have read both ‘Night Owls’ and each took me less than two months to finish. This is really fast for me so I am waiting for more. I will be watching for your next release in this series. Thank you.

  5. Arej

    I just wanted to say – I am forever on the hunt for excellent books by excellent authors, and I am so incredibly glad that Night Owls won out over the other dozen books I was considering picking up on my most recent book binge. (And honestly, it pretty much won a spot in my must-have by the sheer excitement of finding a book about a vampire-owned bookstore – that’s a niche I never, ever thought I’d see filled, and wow, did this not disappoint!) I can’t wait to hunt down book two, consume it as obsessively as I did the first, and then wait anxiously for a publisher to pounce on Ace’s mistake (or any other format you choose, really, I’m not so picky).

    Thank you so, so much for sharing this world with us 🙂

  6. Monica

    I guess I’ll be a pest. I loved Night Owls and Grave Matters. Are there going to be more? (please say yes) If so when do you expect it to release. You are way to good to do anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Megan

    I’m with all the others. I LOVE the Night Owl series, and eagerly await more. Pretty please?!?!?

  8. Brian C. Frazier

    Hello Lauren
    I am just a scifi/fantasy reader/fan My question are you writing any more books in the series “Night Owls”?

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