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Shiny New Space!

Hello, friends old and new! It’s a bit overdue, but I’ve finally snatched up a bit of internet space with my name on it. Look how shiiiiny it is around here.

/sits on the new furniture
/runs across the hardwood floor in socks
/pushes buttons
/flips switches

This little corner of the web will be dedicated to writerly things, including blatant-but-hopefully-not-obnoxious self-promotion, things I’ve learned while scribbling away at books, and pretty much anything else I feel is writing-related. If you follow me over at falconesse.com, don’t despair! That site’s not going away. While I get a feel for what I’m considering writing-related and, well, not writing-related (spoilers: everything’s comes back to Story for me), I’ll probably do some cross-posting and ICYMI-type threads at both places.

For now, make yourselves at home, check out the new decor, and introduce yourselves!

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